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Selfishly Selfless

Why I Coach

As I look back on my life, I now know that I have spent many years wandering. Don't get me wrong, wandering can be a good thing. In my case, however, the wandering was not an exploratory type of wandering, but an unintentional and unaware state of being. I didn't even know I was looking for purpose, or that I was subconsciously trying to figure out what was really, really important for me to get out of life. The word "calling" was present, but only in my sub-conscious.

I had been in a number of industries and jobs - from banking to real estate to manufacturing to retail franchising. Although I was judged by others as reasonably successful, I knew something was missing.  A few months after turning 50, I took a two-day course on the power and science of coaching because it looked interesting.  As I drove home after finishing the second day, it hit me.  Instead of discovering my calling, my calling had in fact just discovered me! I jumped right into a 1 year long coaching program, got certified as a Co-active Coach, and have never looked back.


Why do I coach?  I coach because I love the feeling of being part of the change that leads others to discover both themselves as individuals and the impact they would like to have on their family, friends,community and our planet.

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How I Coach

As a fully certified co-active coach, I have worked with individuals from teenagers to seniors, from students to professionals to retirees, from people living from paycheque-to-paycheque to billionaires, and from people trying to improve or save a relationship to people trying to end one. We all have "stuff" under the surface to work on. I help you uncover what is hidden under your perspectives and stories and get to your truth. By exploring vision, values, and purpose you will  uncover a new awareness - an awareness that leads you to new choices you did not know were even available to you. Then we explore these new possibilities and get you to live in real choice. We create conversations, experiments and actions from which you will find yourself experiencing fulfillment in the present, not merely "waiting" for it to happen.  This process works for individuals, teams, organizations and communities.

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