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Elevating Awareness. Being In Choice.


Every level of development, from the individual to the organization, is best served by starting with Awareness. We do this through the practice of Coaching, which is complimented by utilizing exercises and scientifically reliable assessment tools that examine the 4 areas that define us - thinking, behaving, emotions and communicating. Once we have an expanded awareness of ourselves in these areas, we begin to see others differently. Through these clearer lenses of awareness of self and others, we reveal new possibilities that our blind spots previously prevented us from seeing. Finally, we put our choices into action. But this is not merely execution. There is a mindful presence and further reflection on our actions so that we enter a new, elevated level of awareness. This new level of awareness represents a transformation. There is even a shift in our neurochemistry that brings us growth as an individual and impact as a leader. Our thoughts become clear and creative, our conversations become authentic and resonant, and our relationships become more deeply connected and meaningful.  



Are you truly getting out of Life what you really want? Think about that for a moment.
A fulfilled life is one where you have a clear vision and your actions are in alignment with your values. The challenge in creating this vision and identifying resonant values are the stories that keep you comfortable, safe......and bored. But fulfillment isn't about comfort, safety, and boredom - it's about growth, excitement, courage, vulnerability, determination, and perseverance.  Our job as a your coach is to check in on these stories, to explore where your actions and values are not aligned, and to guide you into living a life where you really are getting out of it what you want.


The effectiveness of a leader is largely based on the ability to communicate.
It all starts with the leader's self-awareness. Together we uncover both your signature leadership strengths and leadership blocks through the use of assessment tools and one on one coaching. This new awareness of your thinking, behavioural, emotional and communication attributes will expose both your strengths and your blind spots.  Once these strengths and gaps become apparent, we create and execute a game plan so that your the leadership message you are intending to communicate matches the impact you have on you team.



    The single most determining quality that sets great business and leadership teams apart from mediocre teams is Trust. Teams that trust each other are able to understand and leverage each other's strengths, 
    Through shared strength-based assessments, workshops, and coaching, we work with teams to break down barriers, turn conflict into a positive and productive experience, increase trust, strengthen relationships and improve performance.


    One way to get a feel of the health of a company's culture is to tap into the conversations. Are they consistent with the company's values? Do they come from a place of trust? Are they inclusive? Are people sharing or withholding information? A company rife with toxic conversations is a company with a toxic culture.  We start by examining your vision, mission, and values to gain clarity on the desired culture.  In collaboration with the leadership team, we determine the behaviours and conversations that both support and undermine the desired culture.  Through leadership coaching, workshops, and developmental tools the leaders achieve a real understanding of the impact of their behaviours and communication, and become equipped to model their leadership that create and maintain a culture of trust, authenticity, commitment and results.


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