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I had just turned 9 years old.  I was a competitive swimmer and had barely qualified for the largest national age group swim meet in the 100m backstroke.  I wasn't a bad swimmer but certainly nothing to write home about.  Before the race I was in the practice pool playing hide and seek with a few other kids on my swim team.  The problem was that I was having so much fun that I didn't notice my event was starting.  After being hollered at that I needed to be down at the starting blocks, I quickly ran down the deck, jumped  in the water, and swam my event.  What happened after that was a bit of a shock.  I had taken 12 seconds off my best time (generally taking off even a second is considered smashing your best time) and moved up from about 100th in the country to 3rd.  What I didn't realize until years later was that I performed well because I didn't have the time to put up the obstacles; to worry about how I might perform.  


Fast forward 30 years.  After falling into various industries and positions, I got the opportunity to open a lululemon store as a franchisee (they no longer have any franchises).  For five years I owned the franchises and opened up two more stores. What I found out in those five years was that I was okay, but not great at marketing, merchandising, finance and accounting.  But what I did find out throughout those years is that I am really good at connecting with people.  I was able to engage people in creating a fulfilling life for themselves.  What I got in return was a motivated group of people that were willing to always go the extra mile for me because I listened to them and helped them find their way.  


So that is my modus operandi.  I listen and guide people for a living now.  I am motivated to help others find themselves by matching their inherent talent with what they enjoy and removing the obstacles they are often unaware of.

When I am not working on my coaching business I am usually with family and/or friends on a ski hill, lake, golf course, bicycle or in front of a self-improvement book.

(403) 703-0703

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